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Ludvig Albert Hegner


May 1, 1851, Copenhagen


November 7, 1923
Ludvig Albert Hegner Studied with: Studied theory and composition with Niels W. Gade

Played for: In 1884, became a member of the Danish Royal Theatre Orchestra and after two months was made principal bass.

Instrument: He played a Viennese instrument built circa 1700 which he bought from an Italian opera company that became insolvent in Copenhagen.

Comment: Prior to his death Ludvig Hegner founded a double bass dynasty when both his son, Louis Alexander Hegner (1876-1968) and grandson, Louis Oscar Hegner (1897-1967) followed each other in a direct line as principal bass players in the Danish Royal Theatre.

Sincere thanks to Per Knudsen for the picture and information on Ludvig Hegner.

Also thanks to Lars Clemmensen of the Royal Danish Orchestra for information on Ludvig Hegner's instrument.


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