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1999 Pöllmann 5 String 7/8 - Busetto Model

This bass was made by Michael Krahmer, 4th generation Pöllmann bass maker, in 1999. I ordered it directly from him to get the size, setup, and tuners I wanted. I decided on a 5-string instead of a C-extension and never regretted the choice. It is a 7/8 size instrument and has a great even tone over the whole range of the instrument. Here is a link to the Pöllmann website.


Kay Model C-1 Model Serial Number 24190

I bought this Kay in 1964 for $100.00!! It sounded great but the finish was in horrible shape. I stripped it down to bare wood and stained and varnished it. I was surprised at the grain that came out. Although it's a plywood bass, people have often asked about it's pedigree when they hear it.  Kay Bass Website


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