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Bass Stand Prototypes

There has to be a safer way to store a bass than a Hamilton stand. Although the Hamilton lets you store the bass with the endpin extended, ready to play, I've always been uneasy about the bass falling. The felt pads on the arms also tend to wear the wooden edge of the bass. Other stands require that the endpin be retracted, or they support the bass with the weight of the bass on the bottom edge of the wood.

Here is a bass stand that has the following features:

Click on the pictures to see larger versions.

Stand is made with 1"x8" lumber. Takes up a small footprint Padded cushions protect back and edges from wear Cushions adjust for width.
Hidden bolts adjust cushions for width and height Endpin cup adjusts in and out. Pocket-hole screws are used exclusively. Latest version on right, earlier version on left.


PVC version. Profile Front With bass.


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