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Giovanni Bottesini


December 24, 1821, Crema, Lombardy


July 7, 1889, Parma, Italy.
Giovanni Bottesini Studied with: Luigi Rossi who was Professor of Double Bass at the Milan Conservatory.

Played for: Primarily a soloist, composer, and conductor.

Comment: He was a friend of Verdi, who had him conduct the premier of Aida in Cairo to commemorate the opening of the Suez Canal. Bottesini was also a close friend of the composer Arditi.

Testore Bass Instrument: Carlo Antonio Testore made in 1716. He found this bass in a lumber room in Fiando's marionette theatre under a pile of rags. This was a four string bass which he converted to three strings. It has since been converted back to 4.


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