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Getting the podcast.

Scales with mp3 Accompaniment

Right-click on icon and select "Save target as . . ."

Print on 11" x 17" paper and cut down to 10" x 13"

The pdf file is a booklet to be printed on 11" x 17" paper and cut down to 10" x 13" Each scale is played 3 times. Right-click on the icon, select "Save target as . . ." Then add each file to iTunes, and create a play list that contains all of the mp3 files. If you sort the mp3's by title, they will play in the same order as in the book. Each scale is one scale played 5 times. There is no benefit to playing a scale one time, as it is repetition that is most beneficial. The individual files allow you to take breaks and easily restart at an identifiable point. You can also hit the "back" control on your iPod to restart a particular scale.

There is a two measure introduction to each scale based on the dominant 7th or diminished 7th chord.

  3 Octave scales for 5-string bass      Bowings

Print on 11"x17" paper in landscape mode. Trim down to 10" x 13".

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